More details about Yackandandah options can be found at the Yackandandah Tourist Information’s  official website.

If you really want to camp in Yack – and you don’t mind roughing it – we are able to offer short term unpowered camping sites at two sites during the festival: Butson Park football ground and the Yackandandah Sports Park precinct, which are both close to the town centre. See the festival map for the location of these grounds.

Please note that we only have a certain number of camping spots, and they are going fast. If you intend camping at YFF, pease book your camping spots when purchasing your festival tickets to avoid disappointment.

If you are having difficulty finding what you need, we suggest looking at the Beechworth(2 caravan parks plus several B&B’s and Motels) or Wodonga options, both 20 minutes drive from Yack.

If you have visited our community before you’ll be aware that we offer a range of accommodation options from luxurious Bed and Breakfast cottages in and around Yack, through to simple camping beside our shady creek.

The Yackandandah Holiday Park offers quality camping facilities including powered and unpowered sites and self-contained cabins. We recommend you book with them very early to reserve your spot as they usually sell out well before the festival weekend.

Yackandandah Folk Festival is able to offer short-term, unpowered camping sites with good toilet & shower facilities. Camping facilities will be open from 5pm on Thursday the 21st March 2024 with final check out by 10am on Monday 25th March 2024.

For details of prices and to buy camping passes, please see the ticketing page. 

Camping will again be available at two magical sites: The Sports Park and Butson Park. Both sites are an easy 5-minute stroll to the centre of Yackandandah and all the Folk Festival performance venues.

Butson Park is located at the Football Ground off Church Street, near the stone bridge. There is space for tents, cars and some caravans(see below), and a number of large trees at the far end of the ground. Toilet, shower, and water points are located at the Football Club Rooms. The nearby golf course is a nice place to stretch the legs, with pretty views down the valley.

Please Note: There is limited availability of space at Butson Park for  motorhomes, buses or caravans. If you intend bringing yours, it’s probably best to get in early and book your spot to avoid disappointment. 

The Sports Park, located at the bottom of Wellsford Street, offers a variety of camping options. The popular sites along the creek are great for small camping set-ups, and the Pony Club end is perfect for larger caravans, especially if you wish to set up with a few friends. Toilet, shower and water points are located in two main locations: the Cricket Club rooms and the Pony Club side of the oval. An additional portable shower/toilet trailer will be located near the oval at the Sports Park during the festival. Follow the path along the creek for a gentle stroll in the bush with birds aplenty, and you may even spot a platypus!

Please Note: Whilst you are permitted to pitch tents on the cricket ground/oval at the Sports Park, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are vehicles/motorhomes/campervans to be driven onto the cricket ground/oval itself.

Wrist bands and tent markers will be issued when you collect your tickets from the festival office.

Security guards will be patrolling at night at both camp sites.

Vehicles entering may be searched for alcohol as bulk alcohol tends to cause issues with the level of consumption proportionate to the volume of the revelers.

Once campers enter, we request that they set up, and if they need supplies please get those, then park your vehicle and leave it there for the weekend. There will be considerable pedestrian traffic and for safety reasons vehicle use is to be kept to a minimum. Excepting medical emergencies, there will be no traffic in or out on Saturday night unless you are a performer and need to transport equipment to your venues.

Consideration is to be given to other campers and once the festival music program is finished for the night, music sessions are also to cease in the camping areas.

Everyone is here for a good time. Please respect the wishes and privacy of all campers.

We are a fun, family festival so we do not expect any issues but inconsiderate people will have their festival passes revoked and will be ejected from the site.

Important Information
  • The Camping area is an alcohol free area and alcohol is not to be brought on site.
  • Consideration is to be given to other campers.
  • Absolutely NO campfires are to be lit at the camp sites. Penalties may apply.
  • Do not block road ways. Access is required for emergency services. Any vehicles found blocking the access roads may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Beware of falling tree limbs. Our beautiful trees give us shade but can be unpredictable. Take care when setting up your campsite and look up!
  • Sessions are to be run at the music venues, and not at the camp site after hours. Often, a music jam site springs up on the village green, located in front of the Council offices in High St next to the Town Hall venue.
  • At the Sports Park, the large floodlights are turned off at a reasonable time after music finishes at the main venues to allow patrons to find their way back to their campsites. Please remember to carry a torch as certain areas may be poorly lit.
  • The camp sites are not public camping areas and only festival ticket holders are entitled to camp in these areas.
  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Inappropriate or offensive behaviour will be reported to the Police.

We hope it is unlikely to occur, however should these conditions be breached, offenders will be requested to leave and festival passes will be cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a campfire?

Absolutely NOT. North East Victoria can still be very hot and dry in March. We are surrounded by beautiful bushland and want to keep it that way.

What about gas stoves?

Gas stoves are permitted. Please take care when operating gas stoves and remember to turn them off at the bottle when not in use. March can still be quite hot, so be aware that in the event of a TOTAL FIRE BAN use of gas stoves will not be permitted.

Where are the Sports Park and Butson Park?

The Sports Park is a 5 minute stroll from the centre of town, at the bottom end of Wellsford St. Butson Park is 5-10 minute stroll (depending on your pace!), with a couple of small inclines. It is located just off Church Street.

See the map of festival site and Camping

How many nights can I stay?

The camping sites are set up temporarily for the purpose of the Folk Festival. Camping is available from the Thursday night before, until the Monday morning following the festival. Camping tickets are available for 2, 3 or 4 nights. All sites must be vacated by 10am Monday morning at the latest.

Can I bring my camper van or trailer?

Yes, you can. Sites are available for vans and tents; however no powered sites are available.

Can we camp on the Cricket Oval?

Yes, if you cannot find a nice shady spot around the perimeter. Tents only please on the cricket oval. Vehicles, caravans and camper trailers are not permitted on the cricket oval under any circumstances.

Are campsites allocated?

You will be directed to the designated camping areas by the festival volunteers at the campgrounds. As the campsites get quite full, we kindly ask that you don’t stake out large areas that prevent others from camping nearby. We believe in the power of community spirit, so we are sure that our festival patrons can co-exist side-by-side in harmony.

What facilities are available at camp sites?

Hot showers and flushing toilets are provided at both campsites. Please leave them as clean as possible. Cleaning will be done periodically and your patience is appreciated if the facilities are closed for this to occur. The disabled accessible facilities are also suitable for use by all and are not exclusive.

Bins are provided around the campsites. Please follow the guidelines for recycling and correct disposal of other waste. YFF strives to minimise its impact on the environment so we value your contribution to providing a green festival.

Are there food vendors at the campsites?

There are no official food vendors located at the campsites.

There are several options nearby, however. The local Foodworks Supermarket (Just behind the WAW building on High Street), is well stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, a deli, and local produce. Parking is available off Hammond Street.

Along High Street, the local eateries will be serving delicious meals from morning ‘til night, as well as coffee and other refreshments. Furthermore, a number of food and coffee vendors will be set up around the festival over the weekend. See the festival main page for other eating options.

How much does it cost?

For details of prices and to buy camping passes, please see the ticketing page. 

How do we book and pay?

You can book and pay online when you buy your Festival tickets. When you arrive you will need to call into the Festival Ticket office, located in High St opposite the Star Hotel, to collect your Campers Pack. If you have a caravan, trailer or motorhome, you can present your printed pass to the camping volunteers, find your site to setup and collect your tickets from the ticket office later.

What is a “Campers Pack”?

The Campers Pack is very important! It will contain special wrist bands for you and members of your group which will identify you as official Folk Festival Campers allowing you access to the grounds. You will also receive a marker for your tent or van which will signify to the volunteers who check the ground that you have paid for your site. All campers must wear their camper’s wrist band during the weekend and secure the supplied tag to their tent or van. The pack will also include these guidelines. Any breach of these guidelines may lead to eviction from the park.

Is there any security at the campsites?

Security guards will be on site after dark and patrol the sites at regular intervals. In addition, Festival volunteers will be on site periodically to check on the safety and condition of the site. Inappropriate or offensive behaviour will be reported to the Police. We recommend that you lock your valuables in your car. No responsibility will be taken for your property. Lighting is provided around the toilet and shower blocks and we recommend campers bring their own torch.


The road leading to the camping areas will carry significant foot traffic. After unloading, campers are requested to obtain whatever supplies are necessary and then leave their cars parked and locked in the camping area for the weekend in order to minimise the vehicles on the road.

A shuttlebus will be operating at various times between the campsites and the main festival sites.

Remember, the main street of Yackandandah, including the Wellsford St/High St intersection, will be closed to vehicular traffic from 4pm Friday March 24 2023, for the duration of the festival.